About Little Company

The woman of today is a real mulitasker. Little Company is trying to help the busy woman and mother with organizing everything she needs in daily life, requiring just one bag. Our bags and accessories do not only look stylish, they also have all the practical features you need throughout the day. Whether you go out with your little one or go to lunch with colleagues. Little Company helps you to run your own Little Company!

I am a Little Company

Packing bottles and nutrition, meanwhile answering an email, pouring a cup of coffee and packing an extra set of clothes for your little one in your bag. In addition to family and work, your week is filled with friends, sports, kids parties and hobbies, and everything is as organized as possible. The average life of the woman from now, a real multitasker. Your life is like a well-oiled machine. Your own company, your own company, your own Little Company. I'm a Little Company.

Do you have a question about our products? Or do you want to know more about our collaborations with social influencers? We can be reached monday till friday at: info@iamalittlecompany.com or by phone: 0522 464 182