A day in the life of... Marinka!

Little Company tries to help the busy woman and mother of today to organize everything she needs in daily life, where only one bag is needed. Our ambassador Marinka is sharing a day out of her life this time!

6.30 AM

Good morning!

Lot is awake and so are we. I'm going to hug her right away and take her in bed with us to feed her. Yesterday evening we had a concert, so we did not put her to bed ourselves. Extra nice to hug and kiss her again.

7.00 AM

Let's take a shower.

We are going to take a shower together. She enjoys that bigtime! Then we get ready and I bring her to the daycare for a few hours. Still comfy in my #momlife sweater.

8.30 AM


Lot is playing at the daycare and I have time for other things: working on my blog, shooting photos and editing, laundry, groceries and other household tasks. I also go to the flower shop to buy a nice bouqet for my girlfriend, that makes me happy. But first, let me take a selfie!

12.00 PM


I'm picking up Lot again and we go together to a friend and her husband who got the key from her new home (the flowers are for her). We have lunch together and Lot can play nicely.

15.00 PM


Bedtime for Lot! First she has a drink with me and then... sleep well.

16.30 PM

Play and eat!

Yeah, she is awake again! A moment to play at home with her own toys. 45min later she gets her diner.
Usually I cook a bit more at once, so that I can put te leftovers in the freezer. Always handy!

18.00 PM


After dinner we played a bit and we already pulled the pajamas on. Matthijs comes home in half an hour. He brings sushi along on the way back! My favorite, mmm! And also flowers because it's our anniversary. The sweetheart, I'll keep him!

19.00 PM


Lot goes to bed. Brushing teeth, reading a story, drinking with me and she falls asleep in my arms. I melt, so sweet! Almost one year and still loves to sleep with her mother. I enjoy it extra, because tomorrow she is going to have a sleep over for the first time!

19.30 PM


Dad and mom time! We enjoy the quality time together. Sleep well!